Polymer clay Halloween cupcake pendants

Need some unique jewelry for your costume? I prepared for you some unique ideas of polymer clay Halloween cupcake pendants to rock the day!

Whenever you are describing a good Halloween party, spooky cupcakes are always part of the deal! But if you are a guest, why not surprise your host with one of this amazing polymer clay Halloween cupcake pendants that will last for years!

1. Red velvet devil cupcake necklace decorated on the top with whipped cream,cherry sauce and devils horns

source: Mimitopia3

Polymer clay Halloween cupcake pendants


2. Creepy realistic zombie brain cupcake polymer clay pendant necklace – same artist as previous

3. Chocolate Spooky R.I.P grave Halloween cupcake necklace! Is decorated on the top with a Biscuit dead stone,green whipped cream for plants,biscuit grave dust and a tiny ghost which glows in the dark. – same artist

4. Chocolate pumpkin cupcake necklace decorated on the top with a tiny pumpkin and pumpkin whipped cream – same source

5. Chocolate funny spooky monster cupcake necklace! Decorated on the top with purple and orange whipped cream and sugar eye balls – same source

6. Open wound with stitches polymer clay Halloween cupcake necklace decorated on the top with cherry sauce 

7. Candy corn cupcake necklace,decorated with whipped cream and yummy candy corn on the top!

8. Spooky ghost Halloween cupcake necklace ! The ghost is glowing in the dark – same artist

Polymer clay Halloween cupcake pendants

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If you love one  of this polymer clay Halloween pendants check the link from the source: they are all for sale!

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