Polymer clay modern chunky necklace ideas

I have prepared a new collection of jewelry, this time I have stopped on some products with clean design: polymer clay modern chunky necklace ideas that you should try. They are handmade modern necklaces made of polymer clay beads. You can create beads in different colors and you can combine them in so many ways. With some hours of handwork you will have so many jewelry. And in addition each necklace can be would be a perfect gift for any occasion.

This minimalist necklace would be perfect for everyday wear or special occasion. You can easily dress in your own style with this beaded necklace. Add some minimal, clean look to your outfit with any of this necklaces.

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I’m pretty sure that this polymer clay modern chunky necklace ideas will find a top position in your next clay project list. Isn’t it true? Do not be afraid to try new things! Clay handmade jewelry are unique. If you didn’t start yet working with clay, here are some nice tutorial to convince you that it’s easy.

I found this beautiful polymer clay modern chunky necklace ideas on Etsy. I decided to share them with you because despite the fact that is a simple project, the result is worthwhile.

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