Polymer clay rose ring ideas that you’ll love

I have discovered a blooming hand sculpted polymer clay rose ring available in several colors and I’m curious about your opinion. If you had to choose only one polymer clay rose ring, for which color will you go? I’ll love the one in red! I find it delicate and romantic.The black polymer clay rose ring is elegant and classy. You can wear it with a dress or you can match it with a simple outfit.

This collection includes simple and minimalists ideas. Enjoy them! If you are desperate to have some, you can order any of the items presented in this article in strandedtreasures. If you decide to create your own, here is a nice tutorial on how to create a polymer clay rose.

Enjoy the polymer clay rose ring collection!

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If you are in the beginning with clay work, here is a nice list of tutorial that will help you with your projects. Enjoy them and until next time I wish you all a creative day!