Polymer clay custom tableware

I was scrolling for inspiration with no direction. Look what nice things I found! Who would have thought at polymer clay custom tableware. The correct answer is PetitArtStudio . It’s a really nice shop on I gathered some of the fimo/ polymer clay tableware to inspire you. Be creative and use your favorite flowers or


Polymer clay bee – inspiration for a handmade holiday

No meter your destination and your wardrobe, you can accessorize it with miniature polymer clay bee earrings. Or why not to give your friends presents as fimo bee figurines or polymer clay bees key-ring ? Enjoy these selection of fimo bees jewelry ideas for the summer holiday season to get your spirit and your creative energy going.


Polymer clay sweets. for my sweet

Do you know the song from CJ Lewis “Sweets For My Sweet”? Yes, I know it is a little bit old (1994) but a classical, don’t you agree? Today I wanted to surprise my sweet one and started to work on polymer clay sweets. I picked up some sweets designs that, on the one hand I considered easy to


polymer clay candle holders- DIY ideas

Hi! Here I am with another special DIY idea: polymer clay candle holder. I’m trying to spent more quality time at home so I was looking for some creative ideas on how to make your home a better and warmer place to stay. This is what I found that inspired me for this article: candle holders are known

MaryAnne Loveless

DIY 6 polymer clay phone cover ideas

In the age of technology, most of us are inseparable from our phones. This devices have become more connected to our identities than any other product in history. What do you think about the idea of adding our personality to it in a shape of a handmade polymer clay phone cover? Do you remember the gold period