Polymer clay pansies tutorial

Polymer clay pansies tutorial – DIY step by step

If you have a large collection of handmade jewelry, make sure to create some more using this polymer clay pansies tutorial. For this polymer clay pansies tutorial you will need: -four colors of polymer clay (blue, mauve, dark yellow, light yellow) – cutter – roller ping or pasta machine Process We’ll first create some canes for the

polymer clay chrysanthemum tutorial

Polymer clay chrysanthemum tutorial

Dear ones, I’m in a huge urge to share this polymer clay chrysanthemum tutorial because the result is so realistic that you won’t believe! Before moving on, I have to add that Chrysanthemum are not for those who are impatient. They have a lot of petals and they need to be added one by one! You


Polymer clay pinwheel tutorial

In my long days of browsing for inspiration this polymer clay pinwheel tutorial caught all my attention. I don’t know why it took me so long to share it with you because it is a very simple tutorial that will bring you the childhood joy. I found this pinwheel tutorial here. Actually is from gum paste, but

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