polymer clay caw tutorial – DIY step by step


This article is about how to create a polymer clay caw. It is a nice project to do it with your kids.

Things you need going on with this polymer clay caw tutorial:

– polymer clay (white, black, orange, yellow and slightly green)
– thin wood stick
– ball shape tool
– Cutter
– A small knife


polymer clay caw tutorial - DIY step by step

Let’s go now to the process:

Step 1:

We’ll start creating our polymer clay funny cow from the body. Take a white piece of clay and roll it up in the shape of a pear. Put the think stick in the top and cut the extra clay. Add a thin dark orange bib on the top of the drop (where you added the stick).  That’s the body.

Step 2:

We will change our focus now to the head. Roll a white clay into a ball about half the body of the cow. This will be the head of the cow. Create an orange ball, turn it into an oval shape and apply it with your finger in the mouth area. As the next step we-ll make four small balls: two grey and two orange. Combine them and create two drops as shown in the figure 5. This will be the ears, so add them at the top of the hear. Make two drops for nostrils and cut a smile on that funny face. In the drops you create for nose you can also add small balls of dark orange clay. If you add the tongue it will have a more funny look.

Step 3:

 Add the head you just created to the body. Create a larger bib than the first one and use it as a vest.

polymer clay caw tutorial - DIY step by step

Step 4:

Create two white cones and add some black spots. This will be the hands of our figurine. We’ll do two more white cones, but this time we’ll add some grey spots on the base of the cone. We’ll also have to make a small cut to look like hoof. Add a couple of gray hair and two yellow horns and will look exactly like the polymer clay funny caw in the picture

polymer clay caw tutorial - DIY step by step

I hope you enjoyed this polymer clay caw tutorial. I found it here. Anna Minewicz has made a good work!

If you are interested in learning more about how to create with polymer clay, here is nice list with free step by step tutorials.

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