Polymer clay flower ring

I gathered from a wide variety of polymer clay floral rings. No matter what kind of impeccable and flawless makeup you are wearing, just try to even one day to wear flowers. The next handmade fimo flower rings have the great advantage that are unique. For sure you will capture all the attention with this


Polymer clay hair accessories

Use fimo hair accesories and don’t deprive your hair of attention. This is undeniably screaming about what a great power the hairstyle is endowed with. Throwing a retrospective look to the spring/ summer hairstyle trends we see tousled wavy hair, tight or kinky curls and diversely styled braids. And all this hairstyle are perfect for


Colorful polymer clay earrings for summer

Yesterday it was a rainy day and I just wanted to feel the summer breeze. I woke up with an obsession: colorful polymer clay earrings for summer, fimo flowers earrings ideas! This year’s summer was left desired! We have got used to weeks of nice weather  interspersed with weeks that are summer by calendar, but empirically closer to


DIY polymer clay calla flower tutorial

This article shows you step by step how to create a fimo calla flower. I create this dyi fimo tutorial, because this beautiful fimo flower you can benefit substantially, whether to apply a pin wedding, a box, to make a fimo brooch, a fimo earrings, a fimo bracelet or even some home decorations such as