Painting with polymer clay

Recently I have discovered a new technique: painting with polymer clay. It’s amazing what nice things you can create! There are unlimited possibilities and the result is stunning is like wearing a piece of art! You’ll get all the attention in the world wile wearing this amazing pendants!

Works performed in this technique do not need to be coated with paints. The clay itself replaces the paint, superimposed on the basis of tiny “smears”.

Let’s take a look and give credits to Filigrina for this unique and beyond words work:

Painting with polymer clay

Painting with polymer clay

I hope you enjoyed this new technique: painting with polymer clay. I’m pretty sure that everyone has that special place where you can go over and over without getting bored. Mine is Pars, that city of love it will be the first to try with this new technique. I promise to create a tutorial!

You should try this link where you will find more jewelry ideas that match any occasion you have in mind. If you are interested in learning more about how to create with polymer clay, here is nice list with tutorials.

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