Vintage mint earrings with camomile flowers, polymer clay earrings, brass earrings

Vintage mint polymer clay jewelry set

Today I want to share with you the prettiest vintage mint polymer clay jewelry set! The background of the each jewelry is in mint and they all have applied in embroidery technique small and delicate chamomile flowers. They have a very nice pattern and a very nice color combination and they are entirely hand made.

Polymer clay Lilac flowers jewelry – Polymer clay Lilac hair pin – mauve floral hair pin

Polymer clay Lilac flowers jewelry

A handmade jewelry is easily recognized by a passionate accessory person. The details, the quality of the items, the more elaborate models than the mass-made jewelry are just a few reasons to choose a handmade jewelry. The design of the accessories you choose to wear can be a substitute for a business card. These being said, you’ll

Polymer clay Iris flower jewelry – Polymer clay Iris earrings

Polymer clay Iris flower jewelry

A special style specially created for flower lovers, polymer clay Iris flower jewelry: ring, pendant and earrings. So delicate and surprising, these jewels will delight you every moment with their elegance, bringing graceful notes and diaphanous colors to your outfit. Jewels are women’s best friends, the most wonderful things that man has created, or at least that’s

Bride Earrings Fuchsia Red Flowers polymer clay Fashion jewelry Flowers romantic Jewelry prom Earrings wedding Long earrings magenta

Polymer clay fuchsia flower jewelry

This polymer clay fuchsia flower jewelry will be a perfect gift for romantic women. These jewelry will be perfect for the bridesmaid, for prom or parties. They are suitable to create a lovely and romantic image. I have found this lovely polymer clay fuchsia flower jewelry presented in this article’s collection over the KsuhaJewelryFlowers shop on Etsy. I encourage you

Polymer clay roses heart pendant in red – Valentines Day Gift For Her – Red heart necklace – Red roses heart pendant – Floral pendant – gift for women – polymer clay love necklace

Polymer clay roses heart pendant

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with red roses all over the world, so this polymer clay roses heart pendant is suitable for this special day but not only. Red is one of the most favorite colors of people around the world, so be bold and choose to wear red jewelry any day, all day long, You can find on

Polymer clay jewelry set with pansies – red pansies pin – red pansies earrings – red pansies pendant – flower jewelery

Polymer clay jewelry with pansies

We continue our collections with some polymer clay jewelry with pansies. The pansies are handmade petals with petals and represent nature in their evolution. This polymer clay jewelry with pansies collection is splitted by color into four parts: light red and dark red pansies jewelry, white and mauve pansies jewelry, purple pansies jewelry and purple and turquoise pansies jewelry. You will

Gift for girlfriend Burgundy Peonies earrings Red glitter studs Red gold Valentine earrings Peonies stud earrings Romantic gift for women

Polymer clay burgundy peonies jewelry

This polymer clay burgundy peonies jewelry are so delicate and elegant. They are entirely handmade, each flower petal is made by hand without the use of any molds. Although is not spring yet, you can have your own by wearing flower jewelry. I have found this lovely polymer clay red rose jewelry in this article’s collection over the KsuhaJewelryFlowers shop on

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