Polymer clay turkey

Laura Arias  has a great Etsy shop called NatuDesigns. Her’s handmade clay designs are amazing. You’ll find below some unique polymer clay turkey ideas, all available for purchasing online on Etsy. Visit her shop for purchasing any of this figurines. I’m absolutely sure that you will appreciate this cute polymer clay turkey figurines. I hope this lovely figurines will

Polymer clay miniature tea set

The polymer clay miniature tea set that I propose you as the theme of this article is a must have. Certainly a delicate little girl will be impressed if she would receive such a gift. You will find in this collection some amazing decorations for a doll’s house. All items in this collection of the polymer clay miniature tea

Polymer clay cupcake charms

There are simple ways to make your day sweeter and polymer clay cupcake charms is one of them. Take a look, you will find all possible flavors. They are certainly sweet! And they are so quick and easy to make, particularly since the ingredients don’t need to be mixed or beaten smooth :)). With polymer clay

Polymer clay miniature food necklaces

Yuuumm yuum, now THAT’S a delicious start for the day! This polymer clay miniature food necklaces are so realistic! I’m going to eat something, I’ll let you enjoy the moment! Chocolate Cupcake Charm, Mini Food Jewelry, Cupcake Jewelry, Polymer Clay Necklace, Scented Jewelry, Cupcake Necklace, Foodie Gift Chocolate, Polymer clay miniature food necklaces Burger Necklace, Cheeseburger Necklace,

Polymer clay miniature food earrings

This amazing polymer clay miniature food earrings will make you the center of attention and “desire” … just be on alert for bites around your ears! Sure sounds tasty, huh? 😉 Spaghetti Napoletana Earrings, Italian Food Earrings, Miniature Food Jewelry, Pasta Earrings, Mediterranean Food, Spaghetti Earrings Pizza Earrings, Scented Pizza Slices, Italian Fast Food Earrings,

Polymer clay miniature food rings

We all have friends who love to eat! If they are girls, than this article contains the best gift idea: polymer clay miniature food rings. I hope you already ate because it looks delicious! Breakfast Ring, Egg sunny side up Ring, Bacon Ring Coffee, Scented Food Jewelry, Polymer Clay, Scented Jewelry, Foodie Gift, Brunch Ring

Polymer clay miniature food friendship set of 2

For all enthusiasts of goodies we have polymer clay miniature food friendship set of 2: a unique way to express yourself. Friendship Cookie Necklaces, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Set of 2, Personalized Jewelry BFF, Best Friend Jewelry, Couples Gift Foodie, Gift for bff Friendship Rings,Set of 2,Strawberry & Banana Chocolate Sandwich, Best Friends Jewelry, Polymer Clay Food, Couples

Polymer clay gingerbread star Christmas tree ornament

Today I’ll show you how to make a polymer clay gingerbread star to use it as your Christmas tree ornament. It’s very simple and this fresh baked gingerbread cookie will make your Christmas lovely! You will need: – white polymer clay – brown polymer clay – roller pin – star shape cutter Because we have established all the