DIY polymer clay calla flower tutorial

This article shows you step by step how to create a fimo calla flower. I create this dyi fimo tutorial, because this beautiful fimo flower you can benefit substantially, whether to apply a pin wedding, a box, to make a fimo brooch, a fimo earrings, a fimo bracelet or even some home decorations such as


Unique pieces of polymer clay jewelry

Every day friendship and quality people should be celebrated. To surprise my best friends, I thought about offering them a piece of jewelry, to let them know I appreciate their friendship, and also thank them for all the good moments we have been through the years . In order to complete my plan, I invited some good advisors


Polymer clay sweets. for my sweet

Do you know the song from CJ Lewis “Sweets For My Sweet”? Yes, I know it is a little bit old (1994) but a classical, don’t you agree? Today I wanted to surprise my sweet one and started to work on polymer clay sweets. I picked up some sweets designs that, on the one hand I considered easy to


Polymer clay wedding cake ornaments

Every woman knows each details about that special moment in her life. Most of the “Ms. to be” take care about the wedding ornaments a few months earlier, just to be sure that nothing is missing in that special day.  Below you will find my beloved funny to serious polymer clay wedding cake ornaments. Each wedding is


Polymer clay figurines – simple and easy

In the today’s selection I will present to you my beloved polymer clay figurines – simple and easy.  With funny or serious faces, with childish or fatherly gestures, the figurines I will present to you will surely help you surprise your friends or family when organizing an event. These polymer clay figurines can be seen as giveaways or a


Polymer clay black and white earrings

While some people prefer more traditional styles when it comes to jewelry, you may prefer unique, special pieces rather than wearing the same jewelry that everyone else is wearing. Earrings are the perfect way to bring life to an outfit and enhance your best features. What better way to do so than to complete your

aa beads group

DIY polymer clay pandora beads

Today is all about that beautiful pandora bracelet! The concept it’s a really good one, you can combine from so many charms and get a preview of your identity. Pandora is known for its customizable charm bracelets. We won’t talk about the multitude of charms but about the unique style. I always wanted something different

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