Top 15 amazon polymer clay earrings

All woman love jewelry, but earrings are in the top of our preferences. What can better express out state of spirit than earrings? Long, short, gold, silver or just decorative earrings are our best friend. Ever left home without them and felt naked? Yeah, me too ūüôā Anywhere we travel we must bring home a

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Polymer clay triangle ring

Hello ladies!¬†You haven’t seen anything new¬†for some time, but I have the best excuse: I’m redecorating my¬†studio.¬† Enough about me, let’s keep it to the subject: polymer clay triangle ring. They¬†have beautiful patterns, lovely colors and by wearing them you will attract all the attention. These¬†beautiful collection “polymer clay triangle ring” is¬†made just for you.

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Polymer clay blue boho earrings

I¬†just found some captivating¬†polymer clay blue boho earrings that I must share with you.¬†Very beautiful earrings from polymer clay with mokume gane technique, canes or mosaic pattern. They are very unique and refined and they will be a beautiful addition to an evening look or every day using.¬†I’ll choose the third pair to wear them

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Polymer clay colorful rings

This collection of polymer clay colorful rings is amazing! Underline your individuality with handmade jewelry! These rings are unique and delicate accessories created with artificial handmade flowers. In this collection you will find polymer clay colorful rings with lily of the valley, forget me nots blue flowers, lilac, ranunculus, jasmine, iris, cherry blossom, peony, anemone, orchid, chrysanthemum, cornflower and

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Purple polymer clay jewelry

I’m¬†in with a new collection, this time with some: purple polymer clay jewelry.¬†This delicate pieces of jewelry¬†are ideal for occasions you have in minde. Also, they can be an ideal gift for your dear one or for yourself.¬† Enjoy the collection and buy the items in it from¬†AlisaLandJewelry¬†shop on Etsy. Purple polymer clay jewelry, Orchid

peony wedding boutonniere,rustic bridesmaid,bridal flowers

Polymer clay wedding boutonniere

It’s first article on polymer clay wedding boutonniere, but I promise it wouldn’t be the last. I have prepare for you a nice collection in order to convince you that¬†Iryna Fleur¬†it’s an amazing artist!¬†¬†All the flowers below are created by her hands from polymer clay.¬†And I’m amazed by the realistic look they have! I could

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Polymer clay jewelry in an unique style

Alisa (Liskaflower)¬†is a¬†Russian artists that creates polymer clay jewelry in an unique style that you most likely haven’t seen before. I admire her for the creativity and for the style of jewelry that became her own signature. She makes tiny pieces of clay in different colors, she curls each pattern by hands¬†and then she combine

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Pink polymer clay jewelry

I have prepared a nice collection of pink polymer clay jewelry that I want to share with you. No molds or stamps are used for the creation of the pieces in this collection, so you get truly unique thing. Every tiny detail of these pieces of jewelry is hand-sculpted using oven-hardened polymer clay. This delicate pieces of jewelry are

Polymer Clay Handmade Hand Rolled Tube Bead and Copper Metal Leaf Necklace

Polymer clay tube necklace

Are you looking for a great polymer clay craft idea? Any of this polymer clay tube necklace are perfect for a creative afternoon! The world of handmade polymer clay jewelry is becoming more and more encompassing as talented artists share with us their creations. These necklaces really deserve to be shared. Take a look and tell me what do

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Polymer clay knit jewelry

 Cold season trends include polymer clay knit jewelry. Although they seem knitted, the jewels in this article are actually made of clay following a special technique that differs from classic knitting. If you decide to do it yourself some pieces of jewelry with this knitting pattern you should know that you need an extruder to create

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