Leaf Charms Mint Green - Polymer Clay Leaf Drops - Clay Leaf Beads - Woodland Leaf Charm - Polymer Clay Beads

Polymer clay leaf beads

I have prepared a new collection and this time I went for polymer clay leaf beads. You can use this beads as stand alone pendants or you can combine them with floral beads to create a bold statement jewelry. If you are not in the creation mood and you need any of this items for your next

Navy Blue Rose Beads, Polymer Clay Beads, Lentil Beads, Winterflower

Polymer clay cane beads

When I first started working with clay I sow some amazing polymer clay cane beads and did’t know how they were made. I didn’t know what are canes and how one can use them. Polymer clay canes are long shapes of clay that have the same patter on the entire length. The most commune canes are round

Light Blue Clay Hydrangeas Silver 925 jewelry set - earrings and broach, women gift, floral jewelry set,Hydrangea earrings, Hydrangea broach

Polymer clay Hydrangeas jewelry

Check out this amazing collection of polymer clay Hydrangeas jewelry to inspire you on your next clay projects. There’s no limit wile working with clay. Today’s collection is created by an artist I’ve found while browsing on Etsy. I encourage you to look over the page MuseArtCollection. Beside the items presented here, there are many other nice

Yellow Purple Iris earrings - Cold porcelain with Silver accessories,women gift,occasion earrings,women accessories,flower earrings,iris

Polymer clay Iris earrings

Usually when I’m looking for inspiration I look on Etsy or Pinterest. Today’s collection of polymer clay Iris earrings I found it on a nice Etsy shop MuseArtCollection. I encourage you to look over the page. Beside this polymer clay Iris earrings that are presented here, there are many other nice pieces of jewelry that deserve

Polymer Clay Heart Pendant with Copper Spiral

Colorful heart pendant

Check out this collection of colorful heart pendant items. This modern pieces are a perfect gift for Valentine’s day. The items presented here are for sale on Etsy’s shop Bluefirekreations. Colorful heart pendant Polymer Clay Pendant Smiling Heart A beautiful polymer clay pendant in silver, blue, green and orange colours. This pendant has abstract patterns embedded into

Colorful polymer necklace, Handmade necklace,Polymer Clay Necklace,Boho necklace, Polymer clay jewelry,Boho necklace

Colorful polymer clay necklace

Check out this collection of colorful polymer clay necklace items. This modern pieces are perfect match with that black dress we all have in the closet. Combine it with any of this necklaces and will be the IT dress. The items presented here are for sale on a classy Etsy shop NakitM. Any of this modern

Leaf Earrings Polymer Clay Picasso Art Handmade New Collection

Picasso inspired polymer clay jewelry

I absolutely love this idea! The clay artist who created this jewelry is so talented and creative! She did a great job with this Picasso inspired polymer clay jewelry. This pieces are unique, funky, colorful, wonderful. You can buy this beautiful set from TracysJC shop on Etsy. Picasso inspired polymer clay jewelry Necklace Pendant Bold Polymer Clay Picasso in Art Handmade One

Polymer clay shaded pendant - Polymer Clay Pendant -Blue and Yellow Pendant - Polymer Clay Jewellery

Clay shaded pendant

Check out this amazing collection of clay shaded pendant items. You definitely have to have them in your jewelry box. It’s a very nice combination of transparency, colors and shades in a unique piece that deserves to stay at your neck on every special moment of your life. If you don’t feel that you are that

Polymer clay knitted beads necklace

Polymer clay knitted beads necklace

Check out this polymer clay knitted beads necklace. It’s a unique way to express your creativity. A single word that would characterize this necklaces it will be cozy. They give me that felling you have when you are at home surrounded by loved ones. Any of this will be a great idea for mother’s day. The good news about

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