Polymer clay modern chunky necklace ideas

I have prepared a new collection of jewelry, this time I have stopped on some products with clean design: polymer clay modern chunky necklace ideas that you should try. They are handmade modern necklaces made of polymer clay beads. You can create beads in different colors and you can combine them in so many ways. With some hours

Polymer clay lentil beads

Last year I fell in love with those big, gorgeous polymer clay lentil beads. At this stage I’m still looking at some artist work and there are so many beads with different colorful appearance. If you want to try and you need a divide and conquer strategy, here is a tutorial on how to create this amazing beads. Sue

Polymer clay bubbles jewelry

I have found my next project: polymer clay bubbles jewelry! That’s what I love the most in handmade jewelry, there are always so many choices! And these jewelry look like they come from the future to make your day! I love browsing without searching for something special, I always find some special things which deserve sharing. Can I

Dose of inspiration: organic style polymer clay jewelry

Yesterday, while I was aimlessly wandering through the internet, I found something worthwhile sharing: organic style polymer clay jewelry. I have found some great work and lovely design and colors that I want to share with you! As much as I analyze the design of this jewelry I find it amazing and above all expresses my love

Polymer clay Christmas jewelry collection

Winter is coming fast, so we must prepare for Christmas! Bellow I prepared for you a nice collection of polymer clay Christmas jewelry to inspire you! Enjoy it and if decide to create some gift for X-mas please share them with us! Christmas bracelet, handmade Christmas gift for girlfriend, snowflake bracelet, polymer clay Christmas jewelry, holiday

Polymer clay single bead necklace

Any of these polymer clay single bead necklace will add a twist to your wardrobe. From your favorite pair of jeans to a workday at the office to a Friday night out, they’re the perfect accessory to your wardrobe Single Big Bead by Steven Ford and David Forlano: Polymer Clay Necklace Geometric Bead Ball chain