Minimal Mustard Yellow Hoop Earrings Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery

Polymer clay olive earrings

Check out our simple polymer clay olive earrings selection for the very best in unique handmade pieces. I love these earrings. They are so beautiful and well made! If you are desperate to have them, you can purchase it from a nice Etsay shop FlyingColoursCrafts. Polymer clay olive earrings Polymer clay olive earrings Abstract Minimal Earrings Handmade

Polymer Clay Face Earrings Brass Earrings Statement Earrings Handmade

Polymer clay face earrings

I’ve collected some amazing ideas for face earrings. This polymer clay face earrings are a must have this days. I hope you’ll enjoy the collection. Keep in mind that all of them are for sale on a nice Etsy shop ClayAndCoEarrings. Take a look, there are many nice things over there! The delicate dangle drops are ideal

black & gold earring•unique Polymerclay earring•boho style earring• modern earring

Polymer clay modern earrings

Check out this collection of polymer clay modern earrings. This unique and stylish pieces are waiting for you to take them home. The good news is that all of this handmade earrings are for sale on a classy Etsy shop Artbymont. Any of this modern earnings will be a great gift idea for a special women who

Pearl earring•natural seashell earring•clay earring•chic,unique & modern jewelry•statement earring•handmade•elegant earring•

Polymer clay and pearl earrings

I once read an article about how sophisticated are the pearls and that one should not abuse them all day long. Who write that article did not met the Artbymont ‘s shop owner. This artist combined pearls with clay and the result the result was worth the effort. Al the pieces in this collection of polymer clay and pearl

polymer clay flower earrings diy

Polymer clay flower earrings diy

Last week I shared with you a very simple polymer clay earrings diy tutorial. It was meant to help the new joiners in the clay world. Today we’ll add a new flavor to it for those of you that feel you need to move to next level. With this polymer clay flower earrings diy e’ll create

gold errings diy tutorial handmade earrings step by step

Clay earrings diy

Several years ago, I discovered the beauty of polymer clay crafts. I started with some cute flowers that become earrings.  Making your own jewelry is fun. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures with them to show you, but I make up for it by teaching you how to make them. This clay earrings diy tutorial will

18K plated Earrings One of a Kind Bush Blossoms on a Misty Green Background Flowers Jewellery Handmade in Italia Australia Statement Earring

18K gold plated earrings

This world of handmade jewelry has developed a lot in the last years. As a result you’ll be amazed to find out that this collection of 18k gold plated earrings are entirely handmade. In short, the artist who created the jewelry has a cozy Etsy shop EmbroideryClay .  Let’s watch together the collection . I bet that

Colourful Stud Earrings Tropical fish miniature coral reef fish Clay handmade Jewelry gift Valentines day gift for mom for her cute gifts polymer clay fish earrings

Polymer clay fish earrings

As I as you are used to, I have already prepared a nice collection of polymer clay fish earrings. The artist who created the jewelry has a cozy Etsy shop EmbroideryClay .  Let’s watch together this miniature tropical fish exposition and if you decide that you desperately need one visit the shop at that moment it’s possible to also

3 pair set polymer clay earrings earring studs monstera studs monstera earrings polymer clay Hawaii studs studs

Polymer clay monstera earrings

I sow a lot of jewelry having this type of leaf but until gathering ideas for this collection of polymer clay monstera earrings I never knew it’s name. The actual name of the plant is monstera deliciosa, but it’s also known as the Swiss cheese plant. You can find more items to add to this collection

Yellow mustard gold blue half moon earrings, half circle earrings, polymer clay earrings, dangle earrings, unique handmade earrings, gift

Polymer clay half moon earrings

This polymer clay half moon earrings are missing from your jewelry box! They will be a perfect fit for your bold moment. I’ll choose the firs pair and I’m sure I’ll be envied by all the girls. Enjoy the collection of half moon earrings and buy your favorite from CraftverkStudio shop on Etsy.  Polymer clay half moon

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